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Where in the world can you go to sit back, relax, leave your worries at the gate, enjoy campground cooking, have plenty of wiggle room and listen to campfire jamming?  Where can you go to experience the most exciting, thoroughly entertaining bunch of pickers and singers ever assembled in the most laid back atmosphere in the country? Join us June 1-4, in Bean Blossom Indiana, at the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground for the 6th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, The Most Laid Back Festival in America! That's where it all takes place.

2nd Tier Full Festival Tickets are currently $105 and are available now until 4/20. Only 1,000 tickets at this tier are available. We suggest you get tickets now before this tier sells out and then increases in price! Click Here For Tickets.

Festival Poster by Jon Griffin.

This year's lineup is diverse and speckled with musicians who have direct connections to our festival namesake. Once again our talent buyers loaded the bill with outstanding headliners and filled it with the most entertaining musicians this country has to offer. Our headliners are the folks who include the legends and those who are making the biggest waves across the vast ocean of music that we call Americana, Roots, and Bluegrass. The artists that festivals all over are reaching out to get? We got 'em. We're proud to announce that we have more than doubled our amount of bands!

Wednesday Night Music Added

To show our appreciation for our festival family we're extending the event to Wednesday night. Join us Wednesday June 1, for live music on the Hartford Main Stage. All Full Festival pass holders are welcome to attend. We're going to have a great lineup and a fun evening of entertainment.


Our 2016 songwriting contest is still accepting entries. We will close our contest when we reach 25 entries or April 17, whichever comes first. We are currently at 17 entries!

On Monday, Feb 1, we began accepting online entries for our popular fiddle contest and our brand new banjo contest. You don't have to have a "brand new banjo" to enter. We will only accept 8 online entries per fiddle and banjo. Online submissions will close May 1, or when we reach 8 entries per contest. Win cash, trophies, art, bragging rights and more. Our fiddle and banjo contests are open style so bring your best and see if you can win the judges over. Both instrument contests will be managed and hosted by The Aching Hearts from St. Louis, MO, who will also host a dance as well.


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See You June 1-4 2016