2014 John Hartford Old Time Fiddle Contest

Congratulations to Roger Netherton of St. Louis, MO, for taking 1st place in our 2nd Annual John Hartford Memorial Festival Old Time Fiddling Contest!
Roger won cash, a one of a kind handmade trophy by Tom Burkhart, Peaceful Bend Wine, and also was awarded the opportunity to set in with Jamie Hartford for several tunes during his Saturday evening Main Stage set!

Roger Netherton -Jamie Hartford
Craig Stinson of Indianapolis won second and Rachel Reichert of Custer, WI. won third. Our second contest started out with a good crowd at the Boogie Stage and wound up packed out! Thanks to our Festival Family for turning out to support this fun event.Thanks to Erin and Amber Rogers of Scenic Roots and Katie Burk of Whipstitch Sallies for judging. We’ll announce a few changes in our contests in the months to come so please keep checking back for news and updates and the opening of submissions for both contests.
2nd place winner - Craig Stinson
3rd place inner - Rachel Reichert
The following interview with Roger gives some insight for future old time fiddle contestants.
What determines what tunes you'll perform in a contest? — Primarily, it depends on how I'm feeling that day, and which tunes are stuck in my head. I also often like to choose energetic tunes over more relaxed ones.
What goes through your mind when you fiddle a tune? — In a contest, I'm mostly concentrating on playing the tune. My mind tends to wander, though.
Does order of performance matter to you in a contest? — If you're talking about when each person plays, then I'm pretty much fine with anything. I believe the general consensus is that it's worst to play first and best to play last.
Do you have any advice for novice fiddlers? — Just keep playing and listening to fiddle music. If you hear someone do something that you like, try to copy it.
Any bowing tips you'd like to share? — One useful technique is the Georgia shuffle, where you play a down-bow on the off-beat and an up-bow everywhere else. Second, learn how to do the "pulse."
 Where do you wish to go with your fiddling talent? — I will continue playing old-time fiddle for fun.
What is your major and what do you plan on doing with your life? — Right now, I'm aiming for a double major in math and physics in college. I plan on doing something related to those fields in the future.
Roger Netherton
Roger Netherton playing on the Main Stage with Jamie Hartford! Video courtesy of My Tall Tripod.