Meet Eric Davis, Our 2016 JHMF Songwriting Contest Winner

Eric Davis, a stone mason, is 37 and has been playing guitar since 8th grade. About the influence of John Hartford on his music; “John Hartford's music hit me like a 6 o'clock train. As a young adult guitar and banjo picker, I was immediately influenced and forever changed when, by genuine luck, I found ‘All in the name of Love’ on vinyl at a garage sale. My first Hartford album! With one listen It was crystal clear how special John was so I commenced buying all the records. He quickly became one of my musical heroes and the more I learned about him the more I dug his music. I see his whole approach as the benchmark for any artist. He was wildly gifted while equally as cool and humble which just speaks for itself and is something to aspire to as a human being.” Eric’s winning song, “Full Moon Mind”, in his words, refers to John's ability to reveal that perspective, mystique and creative spirit that others don't see in the shadows. “Much like the full moon illuminates a night landscape revealing all that would otherwise not be seen in the night. It's that expansive sensation I get from John's creative approach. I also suggest in the lyric that The Full Moon Mind is a special rare thing that John alone possesses.” Eric currently performs with his Colorado band “The Whale Tales” an Alt-Roots, Americana, Rock band and his solo act “Feathered Mason”, in the Denver area and beyond when possible. Learn more about Eric Davis at and

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