Avocado Chic


Avocado Chic explores the dichotomy of order vs. chaos as they perform their own brand of eclectic Americana music. There are no permanent members of Avocado Chic, the band consists of talented musicians from the region who typically play in bands you may know. When Avocado Chic plays, there is no rehearsal, it's a spontaneous act of love, a pure communication among the musicians, who are there out of love and respect for each other, and the musical traditions that continue with every performance. Some of the tunes we play will be familiar, but our goal is to expand everyone's musical horizons. A well-known Brown County picker expressed it well after a very hot set on the main stage at the Bill Monroe Music Campground, when he said "I don't think I knew any of those tunes!" While Avocado Chic is keen to explore the musical backroads with tunes by folks like Blind Alfred Reed, Roger Tillotson, Shreikback, and others who may not be familiar to many Americana audiences, they also sprinkle in standards from such well-known artists as Wayne "the Train" Hancock, Dave Dudley, and of course songs by guys named Hank and Merle, just because those are awesome Americana names. Come on out. It's ALWAYS a unique experience, and one that will leave you smilin'.