Bawn In The Mash

Living in the heart of the Mississippi River system, Bawn in the Mash's sound is founded in the ancient tones of Western Kentucky. Bawn in the Mash have performed hundreds of shows across the country, beginning in 2005 with cruises aboard the Delta Queen Steamboat and other passenger vessels up and down the Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi Rivers.

The group's live performance is quite versatile and can range from high energy late night sets at eclectic music festivals, to early morning acoustic bluegrass and roots showcases throughout the southeast. At full capacity, Bawn in the Mash features live percussion, electric and acoustic instruments, xylophones, samples, and more. However, the most important legacy this band leaves behind are in the songs they have published, and the Paducah music & art community for which they helped bring attention and energy.

In addition to receiving the title of 'Dukes of Paducah', members of Bawn in the Mash are also certified Kentucky Colonels, representing the commonwealth worldwide.