Sloppy Joe


Every Sloppy Joe performance draws on a deep well of original songs.  This material is frequently recombined with jug-band instrumentation  all while band-members swap the guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and bass around the stage.  One observer claimed to see the upright bass change players three times in one song.   
In this era when many bands perform out of a  weak-eyed allegiance to pop-culture’s  formula for “success” and a soul-less mimicry of music  that’s already  ‘been there and done that’  this originality of sound and subject-matter is the refreshing difference that sets Slopgrass apart from any other stage-style.  

Sloppy Joe has performed regularly in the tall pines of the north country as well as  the mountains and  cypress swamps of the south all the while maintaining their unique slopgrass sound.  Although they are no strangers to these big stages, Sloppy Joe has thrilled audiences from the rough roadhouses of America’s backwoods to old-time rendezvous gatherings and community celebrations on Main street  USA.

Asking any other band to play slopgrass might get a, “You can’t get there from here!" response.

Remember, "If it ain’t Sloppy Joe it ain’t  Slopgrass”!