1. Hear That Banjo Ring by Mary Munsey


I want to live like John Hartford--playin’ music with my friends
Some old-time or some Newgrass, hear ‘em pick and watch ‘em grin
Songs that make folks happy watch ‘em dance & hear ‘em sing
Gonna tune up my old fiddle and hear that banjo ring

Lived life, plain & simple wrote songs for Good Old Boys
Streetcars and Rails of Steel His music brought em joy
He grew up in St. Louis a Steamboat Captain true,
Sang about Lorena, played the Mississippi Dew


Goin’ to Work in Tall Buildings told the danger of fortune and fame
He’d rather pilot the old Mississipp than a Steam Powered Aereo Plain
Learning to Smile, Because of You & Natural to be Gone
He left us to remember, the magic of his songs
I think of this man---a mighty musician a force of nature I find
His music and the memories are Gentle on My Mind